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Cobalt print and apply for case labelling (TUC) offers flexible solutions catering for multi-side labelling, side, top, front, bottom and two adjacent sides (the best practice approach to address corner wrap around requirements). The modularity of the Nexus range provides adaptation and upgrade path, designed to meet current and future packing line requirements. Nexus can run as a stand-alone solution with print manager on board, receive data via network from a remote source/ERP system or be installed as part of a continuous operation system.

"The support and expertise received from Cobalt has always been excellent."

Jamie McGregor, Production Director at Essential Cuisine, Cheshire
Cobalt Nexus with a Zebra ZE500 Print Engine.
Cobalt Nexus Print & Apply with Sentinel and Zebra ZE500 Print Engine
Close up image of Media Spindles. Zebra Supplies, plain white labels shown to be going through the system
SICK scanner reading a barcoded label on the side of a box on a conveyer
65x65 Demo Image

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65x65 Demo Image

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