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Meeting GS1 global standards for SSCC pallet labelling, Cobalt Nexus prints and applies 2 x A5 (148mm x 210mm) labels to 2 adjacent sides of moving pallets up to 240 pallets per hour. The radial arm applies label one to the leading face on approach, receives the second label and applies to the side as it passes or stops.

As with all Cobalt Solutions, the simplicity of design and access keeps the system easy to use and maintain delivering the best cost of ownership.

Cobalt’s Smart SSCC labelling solution uses 2D codes on the TUC (case/pack) labels to carry line/batch specific information required for the SSCC label. This can be read automatically or in semi-automatic environments to then populate and print the SSCC labels.

Cobalt Sentinel's Pallet Manager option gives full control and vision of the above disciplines along with optional Sentinel on board and optional pallet volume profiling. Ultimately, a fully integrated system will ensure all pallets are labelled correctly. Barcodes will be verified, sequence validated, case count correct and will be receipted back into the ERP system.

"We anticipate that the integrated nature of the solution will be highly beneficial, with its user-friendly interface requiring minimal input from staff. All in all, this partnership has delivered a neat, clever solution to what was a complex problem in an amazingly short space of time.”

Maureen Alison, Head of IT at Halewood International
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