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With the increased use of barcodes and applications such as unique devise identification (UDI) in medical devise markets and serialisation and aggregation in pharmaceutical markets, barcode integrity is more important than ever. Furthermore, with labels being used more frequently for legal information such as formulations, declaration, ingredients with allergy bolding and globally harmonized system (GHS) labelling, security around the labelling process needs to be extremely robust.

Cobalt offer highly configurable off the shelf software packages such as Nicelabel to streamline your label design, management and print processes and then tailor solutions to integrate with your ERP systems such as SAP to create cost effective, versatile and scaleable solutions.

Our award winning Cobalt Sentinel has been condensed to create Sentinel Onboard available on Cobalt Nexus and Contact print and apply systems. Sentinel has the ability to verify barcode quality on print and validate the data is correct and on case/pack/pallet post application.

From label creation and version control to secure start printing from your ERP system, inspection and validation we can close the quality loop within our solution.

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